10 Under-Used Legends

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Chosen for their combo capability, stand alone abilities, and their desire to be included.

10. Slimefoot, the Stowaway

Dominaria feels like a distant memory at this point. The staples have been chosen, and the sets most desired cards are well-entrenched in their "best use"decks lists. Slimefoot, the Stowaway was a bomb during pre-release, and we have access to some excellent Saproling synergies in Standard right now: Tendershoot Dryad, Verdant Force, Saproling Migration, Spore Swarm. We've got some new additions in Ravnica Allegiance that make a Saproling deck truly terrifying. Wilderness Reclamation in tandem with Slimefoot's token generation capability? If we go Sultai Saprolings tokens: we have Biomancer's Familiar, Zegana, and counterspells for some real shenanigans when we have an active Slimefoot in play. I would love to see a community inspired Saprolings deck here on LandSayGo! Put on your thinking caps everyone! Get stinky and slimy!

9. Zacama, Primal Calamity

I am overly-partial to Zacama; my current absolute favorite Standard legal deck is Holiday Ramp. I still believe that Zacama is the top end of a Naya ramp deck that can completely dominate the meta as it stands today. Zacama is not a build around, but rather a finisher that irrevocably obliterates the battlefield; if your opponent can stand up to the onslaught that should proceed this legendary elder dinosaur, Zacama should easily finish them. Check out the deck I just posted a link to, build it, take it into Arena/MTGO/FNM, and tell me if you think Zacama is not a "total haus." Rhythm of the Wild makes Zacama even better; Nikya of the Old Ways makes some really scary 4-color decks running Frilled Mystic, Biogenic Ooze, and Zacama at the top legitimately competitive in a meta craving ingenuity. Get at it!

8. Garna, the Bloodflame

There is cause to be excited about Mardu aggro; Judith, the Scourge Diva provides us with some explosive and dynamic support for a low to the ground creature deck. Turn 5 is when we want to be playing Garna, and trading in combat becomes one of our top priorities when we can reliably bring back our entire force. DBoe has been working on some crazy infinite turn combos with Garna using Whisper, Blood Liturgist and Open the Graves. I don't know if DBoe knows this, but you can also go infinite with Rhythm of the Wild. Garna makes for some really outstanding cyclical loops utilizing various sacrifice outlets for all manners of serious debauchery. I just wish Garna was a 3/4, but then she would be a rare. Either way, I don't believe we are effectively exploiting this card...yet.

7. Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage

Instant speed Planeswalkers seems good, right? I know you can't activate them on your opponents turn, but it frees up resources when we cast out our walker after your opponent has passes priority on endstep. What about Treasure Map at instant speed on your opponent's endstep? What about Sagas? Turn 4 flash in Raff, turn 5 flash in The Eldest Reborn or History of Benalia? More importantly, when we combo with Raff we get access to hidden mechanics; think about Phyrexian Scriptures - your opponent never plays out their hand because the Scriptures are going to wipe the board - now we can hide the Scriptures and drop it on our opponent's endstep - evil. I'm a big fan of evasive damage, and flying gets the job done. Raff can also solo crew Weatherlight - which is meant for a "legendary deck." Food for thought.

6. Goreclaw, Terror of Qal-Sisma

Goreclaw is a very under-used, very underestimated Legend. I have both played with and played against Goreclaw enough to know that when left to her own devices, she takes games over. The current meta has plenty in the way of 4 power creatures. I would venture to say that we, as deck builders and brewers, have forgotten about her. A Temur package would be perfect for her; I want to play Sarkhan's Unsealing with her. I just may bring out a deck tech in coming weeks showcasing her again. Skarrgan Hellkite is a perfect buddy, and so are Zegana, Carnage Tyrant, and Sphinx of Foresight. Grand possibilities are abound when doing a search for creatures legal in Standard with power 4 or greater - just pop into Scryfall and see for yourself!

5. Naru Meha, Master Wizard

There are tons of infinite combos with this wizard; Naru Meha needs only seven mana (and some set up) to mill your opponent out on a single turn. With a Drowned Secrets in play you can Release to the Wind targeting Naru Meha, flash Naru Meha back in for free targeting Release to the Wind, rinse-repeat, and the Drowned Secrets triggers mill our opponent out. Gross, right? All for the low-low price of seven mana. Also, where did Wizard tempo go? It's not like it fell that far down the power ladder, right? UR Wizards is still a real deck - that does real things. UR Wizards is exactly the type of deck that can shake up the meta and win games when our opponents aren't tuning for it. The "best decks" can't reliably answer everything, and being able to counter and pressure is critical to success and domination.

4. Grand Warlord Radha

Why is Radha not an essential piece to the Rhythm of the Wild decks floating around right now? Isn't her ability to generate us more mana exactly what we want from a Gruul deck? Seems to me that Domri and Radha can really make the #Magic happen with some Dragon's and Pheonix's, and we should be paying a little more attention. Furthermore, we still have Dinos in the format and I think they are long overdue for a sizable return to the battlefield. My most targeted use for Radha would be to March of the Multitudes at opponent's endstep in Naya Ramp, swing with ruthless abandon on my next attack phase, gather mana from the attack and tap out for a massive Banefire to the chin. Take that "control deck." We need to start thinking about our options, and stop compartmentalizing ourselves. Glory to Radha!

3. Lazav, the Multifarious

I may be remiss by mentioning Lazav in the "under-used" category given some recent success I have personally been having, along with various community decks with Dimir style builds. It boils down to having additional copies of Thief of Sanity and Hostage Taker. More than that, surveil is still a very powerful mechanic, and there are graveyard combos we can use to make Lazav even more diabolical. Let's talk Esper: Hero of Precinct One, Basilica Bell-Haunt, Deputy of Detention, Doom Whisperer, Teferi. Do you see where I'm going here? I am not the only one - today's 5-0 MTGO lists are running a list with exactly those cards and suggestions. Maybe, Lazav is gaining traction now, but he has been locked away in his coffin for the last 5 months.

2. Muldrotha, the Gravetide

Three copies of Muldrotha is enough for any 60 card deck. Sometimes two is enough, and with Sultai making a resurgence in Standard, I'm not really sure why we haven't lumped Muldrotha back in. We are talking about casting permanent types here - lots of options. Let me list one of each I would include in a "Muldrotha deck," and you tell me if I'm wrong. Lands: The Memorials, Artifact: Orazca Relic, Enchantment: Dead Weight/Phyrexian Scriptures/The Eldest Reborn, Creature: Jadelight Ranger/Plaguecrafter/