100th Article!

Well, we've come a long way. To say the least.

Land Say Go started back in October of 2018, as a commitment between two dudes who wanted to put our love of Magic: the Gathering and our graphic design (and now video design!) skill sets to the test. We love this game, and we've worked hard to get to where we are, putting in sleepless nights in the effort to almost never miss a post. I wanted to share with you some quick stats about where we are now from where we were, and then give you my top 10 favorite articles we've done to date.

Since Land Say Go started:

  • We started by producing 3 pieces articles per week.

  • We have since moved to posting 5 new pieces of content a week.

  • We added a new member to the team: Matt.

  • We've now posted 100 articles on our article feed.

  • We've posted 48 custom standard brews since #MTGGRN standard, as well as 4 kitchen table brews in the 4 editions of the Kitchen Table series.

  • We've reviewed or fixed roughly 20 community submissions, with many more in the hopper!

  • We've posted 4 video deck techs.

  • We've produced 14 spoiler videos.

  • We have produced 23 (soon to be 24) weekly podcast episodes of The Main Phase.

And while still modest when compared to some of the bigger names in the space:

Land Say Go has been growing a wonderful community of people.

  • From nothing since January, we now have:

  • 50-60 regular patrons of the website

  • 64 Facebook followers

  • 36 Twitter followers

  • 32 Youtube Subscribers

And I think that is fantastic. You, our Land Say Go community, are exactly why we do what we do. You are amazing, and as JB so aptly points out as often as he can, "We can't do this without you." So, from my heart to yours, thank you!

My Top 10 Favorite Posts

Feel free to click on the key art to travel to the articles directly.

Honorable Mention:

My honorable mention is our April Fools joke post we made. It came at a time when we were starting to feel a bit burned out from creating so much content and just needed a good cathartic release. JB came up with a hilarious concept, that we'd post about rebranding ourselves (a brand we've been cultivating since October 2018), into a bastardization of an already well known brand. The images are funny, the article is hilarious, and the responses we got from the some of the companies we referenced were outstanding. Its always fun to give ourselves a little jab now and again.


To start off, I'd like to draw attention to our first ever video deck tech. We've just started to produce these, but I really like how they are turning out, and we hope you do too. Our first one covered Vaevictis Azmadi, the Dire. With #MTGRNA we had gotten some really interesting pieces to make and I really like how this deck turned out. Not to mention, I'm fairly proud of the quality of our first ever video, and I can't wait to push that quality moving forward. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do, I think you'll like it a lot.


Before Matt joined our team, he had first submitted a deck or two. He had sent in this duzy of a deck he called "Angel Ambush."

It was powerful.

Not only did I have a blast play testing it and doing the write up for it, but he also absolutely obliterated me with it when we sat across the table from each other at #FNM one night. It is a wonderful deck, and the write up is definitely worth the read.


Our next position was actually written by our (relatively) newly acquired Matt. This was his first ever article with us, and JB and I thought he nailed it. While it was unfortunate it didn't get as much viewership success as we though it would, I'm still proud to say its on the site, written by a great dude.


For number 7, I'm extremely fond of the 8 card designs article I wrote. For those who are long time readers or listeners of The Main Phase, you'd probably know that I often talk about enjoying designing cards as well as playing them. In this article, I put my card building chops to the test and try to build some fun and interesting designs that I thought we may see in #MTGWAR. I was kinda close on one of them, getting the basic gist of what the card did and for the right mana cost and colors, but for the most part, I was way off, hahaha. All a bit of good fun. If you like designing cards or thinking about how cards are designed, I think you'd like this one too.


Number six here is the first edition of The Kitchen Table, an article series where JB (an arbiter for kitchen table Magic) shares with you his favorite kitchen table decks. These are a blast to read and show some great insight into JB as a player and brewer. If you and your friends love to play kitchen table magic as well, check these lists out, you may be able to surprise them with some powerful hilarity.


Fifth place here holds a special place in my heart. When asking our community what they wanted to learn more about, we had someone ask us to explain how we got to our #MTGRNA meta and what we thought War of the Spark would bring. I feel like I did the topic justice, and the kind words from our readers seemed to agree. The reason why I personally feel strongly toward this article is that it was one of the first times we were really seen as an authority figure when it came to Magic. Not in terms of we would dictate how people play, but more so along the lines that people are recognizing that we have an interesting take on the game, and are willing to listen. It really is a cool feeling, and it drives us to constantly try to be better with everything we do here.

If you'd like to learn more about the meta, be sure to check out the article.


I know I've been ragging on this a lot, and for those who pay attention, I probably reference this deck more than I should. But there is a good reason why I do. Back in Guilds of Ravnica standard, I had this crazy idea of throwing together a bunch of cards that seemed really bad (as they gave our opponent's resources) into the same deck just to see if I could make it work. I ended up going 4/1 at FNM, and play testing online gave me very similar results, all up against meta decks. It was a hilarious hardcore aggro list that just trolled against control. I often had more cards in my hand than they did! While it was a hardcore aggro list, I had over 20 cards that either would filter me cards in to relevant action, or would straight up draw me cards. In fact, that FNM, in the match I lost, I was milled out by a nonmill deck because I had gotten so low on cards from my own deck's draw potential. It was pretty amazing. I often take lessons that I learned when building and playing this deck and apply it to other decks I'm building. If you want to see the craziness, be sure to read that article, its a great one!


I had the privilege of posting the first deck tech on Land Say Go, ever. It was a Boros Tokens list in Guilds of Ravnica standard. It was an extremely fun #MTGArena deck and used a very unique way of generating tokens to really abuse the then newly spoiled Divine Visitation. Using cards that people hadn't even considered at the time allowed me to have games where I was swinging in with 10+ 4/4 angels for giant alpha strike plays. It was an extremely fun deck, and still legal today (though I'd suggest upgrading it now that 2 sets are in the rotation).


My number 2 slot for favorite articles is actually the one where I recollect my first GP experience. I dive into the meta at the time, my thoughts on the deck I chose to run, some cool interactions I had while playing the deck, as well as the roller coaster of a ride that was failure to reach day 2 (came down to the final game of the day!). The fun of that trip was a great memory to recapture and if you want to learn more about me and my philosophy on Magic and to some extent life, its a great article to read.


Are you really surprised that this is the article I'm most proud of on our site? While I had the privilege of posting our first deck tech, Jeremy actually had the gall to submit the first post of the site all together. :)

We all have to start somewhere, and this article is a great ode to our dedication to the site and those who consider themselves fans, as well as #MagicTheGathering as a game. JB shares some of his fond memories of the game but also explains some of the reasons why we wanted to start Land Say Go, and our promise to you the readers.

We greatly appreciate you and we are humbled by your continued interactions with us. We can only hope to create something that not only we are proud, but you are proud to be a part of. Thank you for following us this far, we can't wait to get to the next 100.


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