A New Start

LandSayGo will be re-branding over the coming weeks. Our current brand is done.

We have been having some difficulty gaining real traction and notoriety in the Magic community. It might be because we've never won a professional event, or because we don't stream regularly, or because our decks and brews are not very good. It's probably a combination of all three...and more.

So we thought we would appeal to you with some of our ideas for re-branding our site and see what kind of feedback you have! We think these ideas will help us turn things around here at LandSayGo...I mean, here at "whatever we end up calling this MTG fan site."

Idea #1: www.flannelfireball.com

We kicked it around for awhile and we think we've come up with a really solid first attempt here. We thought to ourselves: why not celebrate the most common aspects of all Magic players? What says Magic more than neckbeards and flannel shirts? Most competitive Magic players, DBoe included, could second as lumberjacks. This is a completely original idea, and should get us recognized by the Magic community. Hopefully you see things our way. If we go this direction we plan on commemorating our shift to this brand with a monoblue deck running four copies of Transmogrifying Wand named: "Big Blue Ox."

Idea #2: MTG Oldfish - www.mtgoldfish.com

Since we are moving into video content, and streaming, and 24/7 body-cams, we thought we should come up with a new way to open every video we make - how about this catchphrase:

"Hello everyone, iiiit's Maaaatt, probably better known as BlackPepperPickle..."

It's got a good ring to it, don't ya think? I have really high hopes for this particular brand; by spitting out endless amounts of content we should be able to really get this site off of the ground. It's not so much about our competitive prowess at MTG Oldfish as it is about our ability to have fun while playing the game! This re-brand is sure to be a crowd favorite; maybe we can eventually affect the market value of cards with our brews too! Likely not though - since this re-brand is focused on us being old and outdated Magic players.

Embrace change. Be the fish.

Idea #3: Wizards of the Toast - www.tizards.com

Our final idea, and maybe our favorite, suggests that we give up on Magic all together and begin creating a fantasy gaming empire. So, we dug deep for inspiration. It had to be a recognizable and familiar name, but totally unique. Thus, Wizards of the Toast was born. Since we all start our day with gluten-free raisin bread and cream cheese, why not take the beginning of every day and spin it into the remainder of our lives and creative projects? Our first digital game will be played exclusively through toast boxes (pop-up windows). Our gaming products will second as toasters. You will love this. We will butter your biscuit.


These are our best three attempts they are all my favorite. What are your thoughts?

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