A Tale of Two Dudes

It all begins somewhere...

As promised, our streaming content is right around the corner. We are finalizing our studio space this week and next, and will continue with articles for the foreseeable future. The content in or articles will be focused on breaking down interactions with the meta, providing you with community updates, highlighting key tournaments, and generally getting you up to speed with our progress regarding world domination.

As we roll into the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Seasons, a time my family generally exchanges stories, and reminisces about day of yore, I wanted to share with you some of our back story.

Both Derek and I are University of Kansas Film School Graduates. We made a bunch of odds and ends films, some good - some not. We started a couple of film companies, some good - some not. Our friendship has really blossomed over the course of these last 8 years, since the days of waxing philosophical through argumentation about the great auteurs of film, and the proper use of mise en scène. #MTG just really never came up when we were filming.

How It Started...

We were editing a film together to meet a deadline at Derek's apartment - always with the "deadlines." I was looking for an HDMI cable in a box I was directed to and stumbled across a sandwich baggy with around 80 cards in it. Having not previously broached the topic of Magic: The Gathering with Derek, I inquired...

The deck I thumbed through was a terrible mish-mash of blue and green cards, all from around 9th edition on, complete with turtles, starfish, bears, and various useless instant and sorcery cards. Derek mentioned that he really didn't take root in Magic, but had plenty of love for, and experience with, Yu-Gi-Oh!. I immediately vomited. In all seriousness - Yu-Gi-Oh! is a great game, and just as competitive as #MTG with its hardcore players.

We began conversing about the game, we talked about our experiences with it, and eventually I was able to convince DBoe to attend a pre-release event with me. His first few decks were pretty terrible, he was bringing the cards he had access to (like we all do), and stumbling through some of the finer mechanics of the game during constructed play. But I remember when it clicked with him. When that competitive fire was lit, and he realized that his creativity and passion for ingenuity would led him down a road that would eventually culminate in an in-depth understanding of the game, its lore, and the community as a whole.

The Combo Was...

It was ridiculous. But, this was his first intuition with a deck of his own creation. Developing a deck list that is so deep into the territory of Magic Christmas Land, that it's frozen solid and will never thaw. This deck list perfectly speaks to the way that Derek views the game: anchor everything off of a ridiculous combo, that once identified by our opponent is shut down rapidly, seriously damaging your chances of winning games two and three.

It was fanciful, and flighty, and fun. Using draw/discard to get the combo piece into the graveyard, and then ratcheting up to a 12/12 Living Lore that threatened certain doom in the event it went unblocked. From a purely competitive standpoint, it had no chance in the face of Jace, Vyrn's Prodigy and Dragonlord Ojutai. It was just too fun to be competitive. DBoe has qualities that serve him well in life - he's intelligent, creative, and competitive. Losing was not something he enjoyed, so he endeavored to improve.

Evolve - It Gets A +1/+1 Counter...

I must have beaten DBoe in nearly 80 best-of-three matches before he finally bested me. It was kind of a surreal moment; when the protege finally sweeps the leg and tumbles the master. I was...proud. I think he was surprised - I think he took great satisfaction in the win - he had seen me doing well at #FNM and wanted to take top prize, and get first pick at the loot. He started to do just that.

Now, his focus remains bettering himself and his abilities, but beginning the process of bringing others into the fold. He has shown up to several events with fresh faces, and newbies in tow. He has undertaken a philanthropic stance, as most of us long time players tend to do, in providing quality starter decks to people who are interested in the game. Decks we offer up freely and generously to kick-start someones competitive side or interest in a game we both enjoy so much.

We are breaking the meta together at this point. We learn from each others mistakes, and expand our horizons on a mutual basis. We want you to join in our inner circle - we want you to broaden our horizons, and make your voice heard in the community using LandSayGo as a platform. It is here, open, and available to you. You could be a founding member of the LandSayGo community and cement your Legacy. I welcome each and every one of you reading this brief article to do just that.

So, Here We Are...

Part of me, just wants to hit the ground running with this whole "content creation thing," but, there is a commitment to excellence that both DBoe and I share when it comes to the way we want to approach building LandSayGo. We want to build this on a platform that is rock-solid, that can support the growth, and ultimately benefits the community. Our background in media development gives us an edge in terms of content production - it has to be content that is engaging, and meets our professional standards. Which means our completed content schedule is still forming, our personal commitment to content development is still ironing out. It's about efficiency and delivery.

Episode 102 of the podcast is coming this week - expect a major update in our streaming schedule, and an announcement regarding our first ever subscriber giveaway!

Talk to you soon!

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