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Updated: Apr 14, 2019

This deck was built in the middle of spoiler season, and thus, not in a final form.

I got really excited when I saw Feather, the Redeemed get spoiled. I scuttled off to my note pad and began jotting feverishly - a common practice for me these days:

See? This is from earlier this morning. It's an all-consuming activity this Magic thing. When you become ingratiated into the fold, and it begins to chew up a good deal of your waking hours, then hopefully you too are making notes when you have flashes of brilliance or stupidity.

I digress. Feather, the Redeemed...

This card is awesome, and I believe I have found an initial home for it. This list will likely evolve to include several new War of the Spark cards. It might also become a horse of a different color as I try to adapt it to the meta and win games with it. Frankly, I believe that Boros or Mardu Angels is a deck that can and will be successful in the coming months, and fully expect to continue tweaking and modifying this deck for success.

Additional Considerations:

If you have read this far, then I think I can safely assume you are interested in the finer things in Magic, and therefore I am comfortable sharing with you this additional consideration. Rally of Wings is a total blowout for our Angels deck, I like casting it right after blockers are declared in most cases, but in the event you are off to the races with your opponent you can reliably swing in and hope that you get an opportunity to gobble up their forces by casting before you declare your own blockers. This doesn't help us with Feather combos, but each of our creatures is flying and we can widely abuse this card. It's a little Alpha Strike all by itself.

Why not give it a try at some point and report back, you say? Good idea, I will.

I mention in the video that I feel this deck could really evolve into something special by going three-color. It might be the case that eventually we would see the incorporation of blue into a Feather deck specifically to see the incorporation of Dive Down and counterspells.

4/13/2019 Update: Again, I don't know that this deck is done, but I can tell you that testing has been off of the charts. I have been incorporating some additional spells to try and find a relative balance between defensive measures and aggressive plays:

Nahiri's Stoneblades gives us a compounded effect and buffs two of our creatures, not just one. Samut's Sprint is another one CMC instant with a scry trigger. Run Amok can help us in the toughness department, and give one of our big Angel's trample. It's additional flavor and has been stellar.

After War of the Spark drops, I will be streaming this deck on Arena. Stay tuned.

Give the video a watch and leave your feedback on the deck.

Much love, and have a great weekend!


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