Esper Anti-Anti-Fun Video Deck Tech

Hero of Dominaria got you down? Frustrated by the 3rd turn-2 Thought Erasure this match? Absorb really digging into your fun? Or maybe you've fallen asleep seeing your opponent cast Nexus of Fate for the 18th time?

That's okay, this deck's got you covered. We're going to nullify their counters, steal their Thought Erasures, and draw our way to victory with Esper Anti-anti-fun.


Most of the time, decks have an obvious win condition and a clear line to get there. But, looking at this list, we're kind of all over the place. We've got control options from Absorb and Kaya's Wrath, we've got anti-control options in Teferi, Time Raveler and Dovin's Veto, we have midrange value creatures in Bell-Haunt and Angel of Grace, but we also have the control finisher Hero of Dominaria. Where are we going with this?

That brings me to the objective here: we're not proactive, we're reactive. But not only reactive but also reactive-reactive. We're set up to stop our opponent's counterplay as well.

So how do we want to play this deck? Ideally, turn 2 Dreadhorde Invasion, then sit back with counterplay available until the zombie army finishes our opponent off. Most games, however, are hardly going to go that way. Our opponents can play creatures faster than we can remove/counter them, or we can have bad draws, or our opponent can get out Teferi—a lot of things can happen. But we have tools to deal with that, too! The few creatures we have are meant for later (not on-curve) plays so we have something to threaten a Teferi with, plus we have board wipes for when our opponent overwhelms us with aggro.

Essentially: we look to make our play after our opponent attempts to make theirs, then protect whatever threat we have until it ends the game.

"But Matt, that just sounds like we're playing control ourselves!"

Maybe. A little bit. Maybe this is just a control list. But it's control for control. See, our motivations makes us totally different.


Our sideboard is a smorgasbord of answers. More boardwipes if our opponent is going wide and more targeted removal if they're going tall. Despark is great against planeswalkers and Wilderness Reclamation. Commence the Endgame is a great play versus control. The Augur of Bolas is a good early play against white weenies and mono-red. Being an anti-control deck, we of course complete the playset of Dovin's Veto and even throw in a couple more Negates.

That's Esper Anti-Anti Fun! Be sure to rub it in your control or combo opponent's face, because where's the fun in winning if you can't feel superior about it, too?

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