Farewell to Matt

It's been real. It's been fun. But, it hasn't been "real fun."

There comes a time in everybody's life where the balance between time, commitment, and personal reward in championing a cause needs to be assessed. It's a tricky formula - lots of moving variables - matrix theory style stuff. There are no concrete answers either. Relative realities and personal circumstances are just as much of an expanding and shrinking cosmos of uncertainty, fluctuation, and celestial bodies. No matter the level of logic applied to the conundrum: there is no absolute right or wrong in matters of the heart.

Matt has decided to step away from the LandSayGo Team.

What began just DBoe and Jeremy returns to just DBoe and Jeremy after many months of us all collaborating on the vision and goal for the site as a team of three. Matt brought an exceptional amount of wisdom and experience to our team. Okay, maybe not wisdom...or experience for that matter, but he sure was good at the game. Knowledgeable and informed about the rules, content, and a passionate Magic player inside and out, Matt added a layer of much needed reason and calmness to a chaotic tornado of whiskey bottles, Mox gems, and media hardware.

Catch the "shocking reveal" here: https://www.landsaygo.com/podcast/episode/4918c8f4/fck-matty-a-loving-farewell

Matt's comments at the end of this week's podcast show a level of class I didn't think he was capable of, and while I will continue to rib him throughout this course of this article. I will admit that I did feel a twinge of disappointment and sadness that we are losing someone so important to our crew. He was a tremendous team player; Matt is just one of those guys who's approachable, accessible, and intelligent. He had good ideas...even though he never told us what they were.

His commitment to excellence was clearly represented through his actions, his willingness to learn, and the way he meticulously broke down our decks and game play. Both DBoe and I learned a great deal from Matt, like, never trust an outsider. I have never been one to prolong goodbyes, but it felt like we needed to at least offer some passing remarks to this change to our day-to-day social interactions.

LandSayGo is an artistic project. It started that way, and it will remain that way. If it becomes something bigger - great. If DBoe and I turn this into a recognizable brand and a force majeure in the world of Magic: The Gathering it will be because we had Matt helping us get there for these past several months. I cannot effectively express my gratitude for his contributions to the team, so I won't.

Thanks again, Matt. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and I genuinely hope your free up the bandwidth you need to find your Zen.

To all of you taking the time to read this. Thank you as well. We can't do this without you, but we can sure as heck do it without Matt. <3


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