Friday Night Magic Fight: 1-3-2020 UW Control

I want to start out by apologizing to everyone out there who waits for new content on the LandSayGo website. I have not written anything for the past few weeks and I am sorry for that. Jeremy, Dboe, and Brad deserve better than that and more importantly you deserve better than that. I have been dealing with some personal stuff recently and I know that is not the best excuse, but it was really affecting my mood. Hopefully, all that is past me now and I can start to churn out regular content for the site. That is enough of the FasaNate pity party let’s get to why you are all here.

At my local game store, they give out packs of the most recent set for match wins the first Friday of every month. I feel like I need to bring my most competitive deck to stand a chance at winning those sweet packs and I decided to bring an extra fun one this week, UW Control. Wait what? You don’t think playing against UW Control is fun? Really? Well I don’t care chump I am here to get those packs. The main reason I decided on this deck is because I have been playing a lot of pioneer lately and I have big getting my butt handed to me by UW Control and it has been very frustrating. I thought I would make my opponents feel the helplessness that I have been feeling playing magic lately. So without further adieu lets look at the deck.

UW Control - Buy This Deck

The main 60 is pretty standard except for the addition of Finale of Glory . The lists that I have been seeing are running Aether Gust instead. I do not like running situational cards in the main and I think an extra win con is never a bad thing. The spicy sideboard card I am running is Angel of Grace. This a local meta call and since I felt like this deck could get run over by aggro decks. I think this card has been overlooked since it has been released. The flash and life gain aspects make this card a killer against aggro. It flashes in as a blocker and in some cases can come in to seal a game once you have stabilized the board. I felt very good with these 75 cards in the list and think it covered most of the match ups well. Enough of my ego stroking and let’s see how the games panned out.

Round 1 Jeskai Fire Walkers

My first opponent played a very interesting version of the Jeskai Fires deck. Not only did they have the Cavalier package, Flame and Gales, but they were also running all of the planes walkers as well, Narset, Teferi, Royal Scions, and Sarkhan. In game one they were always a turn ahead with Teferi so that turned a lot of my deck into non-cards, but I did get luckily being able to answer the Narset before it could turn off my card draw. I was staring down potential lethal when I top decked Finale of Glory and was able to pump 10 mana into it. Your planes walkers do not stand a chance against that board. Game two it seemed that none of his cards came together. I was able to resolve a Teferi early and control pretty much everything they were doing. I was able to use the downside to Fires to my advantage, making him waste at least one spell he cast a turn, whether it be by a counter spell or returning fires to their hand. I eventually resolved another x=10 Finale of Glory and take the match. As a side note I never thought I would get the x=10 on the Finale so I did not even bring my angel tokens. What a noob!!!! I start out strong going 1-0.

Round 2 BW Life Gain

Black white life gain is extremely popular where I play. I can understand why because when you go turn 1 Healer’s Hawk into turn 2 Ajani’s Pridemate you need an answer soon. Unfortunately for me I did not game one and they took me down fast. Being on the play was extremely important in this matchup and it proved to be the main reason I was able to take game 2. I was able to answer their early threats and control the board before things got out of hand. My opponent was playing a very spicy card I have not seen played outside of Limited, Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted. This card is a bomb against my deck. One of the unfortunate side effects of playing a control deck is that you have a good possibility of your games ending in a draw due to time constraints and that is what happened here. The round ends in control sadness leaving me at 1-0-1.

Round 3 Jund Sacrifice

I feel very fortunate with how this round went. My opponent flooded out both games. It seemed to be the standard Jund build but with a card I think is being over looked in these types of decks, Beanstalk Giant. Early ramp and late game threat seem good. I think this match up was in my favor to begin with, but they were never able to pull everything together. Additional side note, I was able to cast Finale of Revelation for x=11. It was pretty epic having a 16-card hand in standard. Still going strong at 2-0-1.

Round 4 BW Life Gain

See I told you it was popular at my LGS. This deck seemed very similar to the first but ran Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord. They started out with a very explosive start, but I was able to top deck just enough to stay alive. Gadwick was an all star here drawing cards and tapping creatures. I had played this opponent before and they HATE control. It turns out that their feeling hadn’t changed and conceded the match after game one. I was not upset because I know I was playing a no fun deck and I really needed a break from the long games I had just had. I head into the final round 3-0-1.

Round 5 Rakdos Knights