Friday Night Magic Fights: First Friday Temur Reclamation

Luckily my job allows me to work from home a day a week so I has able to keep the new dog occupied for most of the day so I could sneak out and play FNM and my local game store. The first Friday of each month is particularly fun because they give out a pack for each match winner. This usually brings out the sweatiest of opponents, so I usually try to bring a competitive deck. I try not to right about the same decks in back to back weeks, but I believe that Temur Reclamation is the best deck in standard that fits my playstyle. It is a combo deck with some control elements that can come from no where to win. I did make a few changes from my deck that I wrote about last week so I will talk about those after posting the deck.

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I expected to see a lot of mono red and Azorious control so I teched my deck to be as good as I could against those. I wanted to play three Uros and keep the Nissa. I felt like Omen of the Sea was the easy cut here. I know it hurts my dig ability some but the extra Uro is even on the card draw. I think Nissa is a good call as well because not only is it another win condition of the opponent can answer the Wilderness Reclamation, but it is probably the best deck in standard. The aggro match up is probably the worst for this deck so the sideboard is geared to that matchup while still having answers to the mirror and control decks.

Match 1- WG Enchants

My opponent was playing Dboe’s wet dream, basically WG bogles. This deck has become viable in Standard strictly because of Theros Beyond Death. It is an incredibly fun deck to play that basis around playing Setessan Champion and more enchants than you do creatures. The other strategy is playing Paradise Druid and vigilance enchantments like Sentinel’s Eyes. My opponent stated in the beginning that they normally play commander, but

this deck really spoke to them, must be related to Dboe. I could tell that they did not play a lot of standard because they were missing a lot of triggers and taking a very long time on their turns. It is a free tournament basically, so I stayed patient with them throughout. They played multiple copies of Alseid of Life’s Bounty and I saw about half of the lands that I play so game 1 was over quickly. Game 2 I drew a lot more action and was able to make a pretty remarkable combat from 1 life. Unfortunately, due to the slow play time ended as we finished game 2. My opponent was very unhappy with this fact and blamed that fact that I played blue and drew cards. I could have retorted that his turns took much longer that mine, but decided to open the pack and offer him the cards and a high roll for the foil Storm’s Wrath. They wanted no part of it and just told me to keep the whole pack. This leads me to a very important Magic lesson. Very few people can make their livelihood playing MTG so you should be playing it for fun, not to mention that this tournament did not cost anything to enter. You can be frustrated if you misplayed or low rolled the variance but save that for when you have put your things up and have time to reflect. Do not do that when you are still sitting down with your opponent. This ended in a 1-1 draw.

Match 2- Simic Binder

Unfortunately drawing in the first round matched me up with some of the less experienced players at the FNM. Game 1 my opponent only played Spectral Sailor and in game 2 it was just a Sailor and some random green creatures. This is the time that I regret bringing a competitive deck but any “fun” decks I would have played would probably have been stomped with different matchups. I quickly finished this round 2-0 resulting in a 1-0-1 start.

Match 3- Simic Binder 2 Electric Boogaloo

So, no I technically did not face the same opponent, but it was basically the same deck. It was another inexperienced player who was playing the best green and blue cards they owned. The result was similar but in game 2 I did Explosion them for 16 which they though was cool. Finished another 2-0 and bringing the overall to 2-0-1.

Match 4- Black Devotion

I finally got a match against a familiar friendly face who is a heck of a magic player. They were basically playing Mono Black Devotion with a splash of white. It looked like the splash was for Mortify and I forgot to ask them after the match if there was anything else. I got lucky and won the die roll but unlucky with removal, so they were able to take game 1. If I do not draw a Storm’s Wrath, I do not win this matchup.

I sided in all my targeted removal and was able to take game 2 without much trouble. Game 3 however was a doozy. I was able to stabilize with Gadwick and 1 life, with my opponent in top deck mode. My opponent was able to top deck a Gary but I had a Thassa’s Intervention to respond. I had lethal on the board and just needed to dodge another Gary but was unfortunate to do so. My opponent took a much deserved and well fought game 3 sending my record to 2-1-1.

There were 52 people that showed up for this tournament making it six rounds. After round 4 it was already almost 10:30 pm and I am getting old, so I decided to drop. I had not played paper magic since the Theros Beyond Death prerelease, so it was nice to get back out there and see some friends I had not seen in a while. I had fun and believe that this is still one of the best decks in standard. I wish that I was able to face mono red or Azorius control to really test the deck out but was satisfied none the less. The foil Storm’s Wrath was the best pull from the packs that night, so at least some of opponents who were newer to the game got some extra cards.