Friday Night Magic: Promos

Mini-trophies documenting your performance, each and every Friday Night.

Sure, you could totally just log onto or and buy up a play-set of any of the Friday Night Magic promos, but that's lame. If you are simply trying to foil out your deck, then it's not so lame, and the collectibility of these promotional cards may lead you to just that. I play a healthy amount of #FNM; it's a wonderful way to spend Friday evenings. The game of Magic keeps you young, not in a physical sense of course, regular jogging or swimming, or running around with your children in my case, is certainly better for physical longevity. What I mean when I say that Magic: The Gathering "keeps you young," is that the mental dexterity required to retain the thousands of cards available in any given format, and adapt your line of play to craft wins helps with mathematical and analytical skills. It keeps the blood flowing the frontal cortex. I don't buy promos, I go win them at FNM.


It Was the 21st Century

DCI promotional cards began their distribution during weekly events in the year 2000. The first card ever released as a Friday Night Magic promo was River Boa. Amazing that this creature still represents substantial power - to put it in perspective, a card like River Boa would literally run amok in Standard. The Regenerate ability is antiquated, but not in relevancy to the power scope of the current Standard meta. The next 10 cards to be released that year are showcase in the slideshow above. While some of the cards have not stood the test of time, most have, and these first eleven monthly promotional cards mark the beginning of WOTC's most relevant historical community growth campaign for #MTG.

Let's do slideshows for each subsequent year up and to 2014, because each of these cards is both collectible and I believe that is where the power curve falls off in #MTG, shall we?















What you will notice about these cards - the cards designated as cool enough to to be FNM Promos, is that they each represent new mechanics in the game, and are generally considered "build-arounds" or "auto-includes" in their respective sets. It's fascinating that you can review these images and text, and basically see the natural progression of Competitive Magic Type 2 and Standard's awesome.

I am currently in the process of personally collecting each of these cards...and I'm lame. I'm buying some of them (because I can't win them anymore).

I thought this would be a fun stroll down memory lane.

Happy Monday. HAPPY NEW YEAR. See you in 2019!


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