Guildpact - Future Standard

Multicolored themed decks may seem like a hokey idea - that is until you play a list like this!

Do you like Magic: The Gathering? Do you feel like playing a deck that is a little outside of the box - a deck that you can guarantee you won't see at a high profile tournament, but still wins games? Then, "Guildpact" is for you, my friend. It just feels Old School, and frankly this week I will be on a tear with creature decks. No big combos, no complex multi card payoffs, just good old-fashioned synergy and board presence. Let's jump in.

Not Just a "Commander Card"

At first you may thinking to yourself, oh man this is a card meant for Commander, and I would be hard-pressed to assuage your predilections to my sphere of influence. As you may already know, and if you don't, we are Standard focused shop here at LandSayGo, and as such, given my inclination to build around Angels, one might expect that I would try and jam a deck in front of you drawing off of Rienne, Angel of Rebirth.

Her recursive capabilities make for some seriously cool interactions with multicolored creatures and open the doors of possibility into leveraging several cards from Guilds and Allegiance to great success. The anthem effect is a little weak - I would prefer the point of toughness obviously, but it will do in a pinch. Being able to return multicolored creatures to our hand when they die is phenomenal and gives us cause for reckless abandon. Swing away, my friends.

The Namesake

Two mana for an anthem is pretty fabulous, when you compound that effect multiple times you can quickly outpace your opponents creature presence and swing games your way. Glass of the Guildpact just screams old school. Tome of the Guildpact gives us the ability to tempo in a grand fashion. Drawing a card for each multicolored spell is obviously beneficial to our line of play.

These are underused rares - they are low on the power scale, but I still want to play with them because they deserve just as much time in the limelight as any other card. They still have value dammit! I aim to prove it.

The Technicolor Dreamcoat

Singleton inclusions may seem off-kilter here, but both Emmara, Soul of the Accord and Shanna, Sisay's Legacy fit the game plan in multicolored creatures and spells, and have some great layers of functionality and complexity that they bring to the table. Getting of to the races with just these two cards early can be very interesting and I like them in the two drop slots for our deck. One copy of each, yes?

More multicolored two drops flesh out our continuous and cheap aggro plan. I was looking for value in creatures through evasion and multiplicity. Sky Terror is a super great 2/2 flyer with Menace, and a dynamite target for Aurelia after turn 4. Skyknight Vanguard is maybe better suited for a Mardu Aristocrats deck, but fits the mold here and helps us with additional damage and chump blockers.

This deck is just chock-full of value folks. Zhur-Taa Goblin is a great little two drop creature - the Riot trigger makes it worth the inclusion alone, especially when we have a couple active Glasses on the table. Gruul Spellbreaker becomes a serious problem for our opponent in most cases, often entering as a 6/6 for three mana and creating a hexproof layer for us and itself during our turn. Hello, Guildpact!

Knight of Autumn feels like a perfect inclusion for our list; it is multicolored, multifaceted and multi-fun. Knight of Autumn is a perfect addition here, I've said it before and I'll say it again, "this card is awesome." Tajic, Legion's Edge another layer of Mentor for our list, prevents all noncombat damage to our creatures and can first strike for a small price. All Hail the Guildpact!

When Aurelia first dropped, there was some hype, but not the level of hype I feel I exhibit when talking about this card. Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice is a top-end finisher for our list. Nearly all of our lower CMC creatures are red or white, so not only are we generating real value from the Mentor triggers but we are layering combat mechanics into our combat phases by giving our attackers trample, vigilance and +2/+0 before combat. As a standalone threat, Aurelia is also fantastic. She is a 5 toughness creature, and against opponents running red direct damage she is frequently out of reach, and requires that they commit an unhealthy amount of resources to remove her. She is still susceptible to destroy and exile mechanics, but who cares. One for one.

Lock It Down

Conclave Tribunal makes use of our low curve by providing disruption to creature, enchantment/artifact and Planeswalker combos our opponent may be playing, we even see where the tokens Shanna and the Skynight are generating can help us create Convoke resources. Prison Realm gives us even more lockdown effects in the form of enchantments, which are characteristically more difficult to remove.

Domri-nate the Battlefield

This week has ended up being a celebration of Domri, Anarch of Bolas. This deck is the first of two decks I've created for content and discussion this week. Domri makes it so we can avoid counterspells that target our creatures, his passive ability buffs the power of our creatures, and we get a clean fight mechanic out of him on the minus two loyalty ability that can be the "make-or-break" for our creature on creature matchups. Most importantly this Planeswalker can be an alternate option for removal, even if the fight mechanic results in the loss of a creature on our board, it generally later game and hopefully we have an active Rienne, Angel of Rebirth on the battlefield. Which means our multicolored creature come back.

I think we can make a solid argument to support the inclusion of other Planeswalkers in this list; mono-white and mono-green options are definitely available. Vivien, Champion of the Wilds could be a solid include for us, she could help us avoid hand disruption and give us flash capabilities in casting our creatures, which to be honest, isn't all that grand considering we don't really use enter the battlefield triggers to establish advantage. So, Domri, Chaos Bringer was included for the Riot trigger, the fact that it produces mana that does not need to be solely spent on a creature spell, he helps us tutor out multiple creatures on the minus three, and his emblem (if achieved) is likely a ruinous result for our opponents. At 4 CMC a single Chaos Bringer works.

So Many Options - Several Hard Choices

Veil of Summer may be my new favorite card in Standard. I'm sure the novelty will eventually wear off as the meta ages, and people stop playing decks that so heavily entrenched in the colors of black and blue..but, for now, I love it and we include it as a barrier to all the BS that comes with Black and with Blue. Brought Back is included as an option in our sideboard for obvious reasons, this gives us the recursion we are looking for ahead of us resolving a Rienne, Angel of Rebirth. Sorcerous Spyglass is one of the better answers in Standard for Planeswalkers specifically. There are many other uses for the Spyglass, but I included it to tamp down Tamiyo, Chandra, Nissa, Gideon, Jace and your Mother.

Remember when I mentioned that there might be cause for other considerations regarding our Planeswalker slots? Well, Ajani makes his presence known here, primarily to add value to our two drop slots by giving us additional options for recursion and bolstering power and toughness in the early game. A well-timed Ajani can be very difficult to overcome with the right creature display, and I think you should side him in when you need to go lower - at least that's what I do. Trostani Discordant is a viable answer to Mass Manipulation and Command the Dreadhorde, which I don't think will be easily displaced by the release of Core Set 2020. It just so happens that she also gives us another anthem effect and can enhance our tokens since they aren't multicolored. Palladia-Mors, the Ruiner is a total troll card - use it.

Last, but certainly not least in our sideboard, is the Ravager Wurm.



I hope you find as much joy as I have in playing this deck; I know say this all the time, but this deck is really fun to play. You should take it for a spin and let us know if you hate it. :)

Thanks for your patronage - we can't do this without you.