Mardu Planeswalkers - Video Deck Tech

This deck is slow, deliberate, and competitive. Check out the video below for more!

This deck is perfectly in line with our namesake as a MTG group. In the first couple of turns you may very well, with absolute certainty, play a Land and Say, "Go." I am also keenly aware that this is my second Sarkhan the Masterless deck tech in a row.

I have no excuse. In fact, I am unabashedly unapologetic for featuring two brews in a row that use Sarkhan. He just might be my favorite card (not the best card) in War of the Spark.

A deck full of board wipes and hand control is generally good enough. Without spoiling the video deck tech outright, I can say that we have "options."

After testing I did come up with a few new additions that may be worth your consideration:

This suggestions stirs old feelings. Remember the man-land shenanigans from Battle for Zendikar? I do. I miss them. This is the best option we have. When we can get our kicks on Route 66, we should. Having Gideon out in such force with this deck demands that we compound our efforts wisely. Gideon can give the land lifelink and indestructible. It's just so common sense that this should be an include, and yet I left it out of the main list. After testing, you could make the argument both ways; we need Field of Ruin for addressing a flipped Azcanta, but the additional pressure to the life total may also be required to avoid stagnation. We cannot wipe the board every turn, but we can come close. Mobilized District is excellent and we should consider it.

Just how good is Blast Zone? It's pure dynamite. This card is steadily rising in price as players begin to explore the variations on its use. My initial reaction is to include it in a Crucible of Worlds deck with a bunch of proliferate stuff. I don't know - seems silly to me - silly is fun. I would think we might be able to find a place for it in this Mardu Planeswalkers list as well? In testing it has been nice to have a mid-game answer to specific cards, but the mana requirements often feel clunky and can set you back when you need to be casting other spells. It's a catch-22 - do we need more permanent control? Absolutely. Do we need it so badly that we slot this in over Field of Ruin or Mobilized District? I'll let you be the judge. I go both ways - giggity.

Since every spell we cast in this deck is a noncreature spell. I thought it worthwhile to test Mizzium Tank, and I was not disappointed. I generally board out the big board wipes for a more aggressive approach, because let's face it. It hurts when we Ritual of Soot or Cleansing Nova and our tank activates and dies. In the games where this was effective I was bringing out all the wipes and slotting in 4 Mizzium Tanks and more Gideon's Triumph for maximum combat trick hilarity. It has been surprisingly effective to cast a Sarkhan the Masterless, plus him up, activate Gideon giving the Tank indestructible or lifelink, activate the Mobilized District and go to town - it's super effective. What are your thoughts?

Sound good?



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