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Mardu Reanimator - Video Deck Tech

While spoilers are making their rounds in our media circles, we often forget that these cards aren't yet playable. Amidst the hype, our favorite format is still live and kicking and there are still strategies out there that can be better tapped.

Today, I bring you a Mardu Reanimator list (really it is an aristocrats style deck) but it utilizes Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle's ability to recur 3 CMC creatures whenever you cast a historic spell, and to great effect.

The basic principle is simple, get down Teshar, sacrifice a bunch of goblins for mana with Skirk Prospector, and continually cast Squee, the Immortal from the graveyard to recur our other sacrificed goblins in an infinite loop. We have several win conditions in the deck, and a few different win strategies.

The win conditions.

Our fastest and safest win condition is Judith, the Scourge Diva. She allows us ping any target for 1 damage whenever we sacrifice a nontoken creature (which we will do a lot). However, she is not our only way to win the game. We also can win by flooding the board with tokens! We have 2 token generators, Goblin Instigator and Desecrated Tomb.

Goblin Instigator brings with it a 1/1 Goblin token when it enters the battlefield. So if we are able to reduce Squee's cost all we'd need to do is sacrifice Squee himself and Goblin Instigator to get 2 red mana to recast Squee from the graveyard to then return Instigator due to Teshar's ability, thus netting us a Goblin token (we can reduce Squee's cost with Goblin Warchief). Not to mention, since this combo works with Warchief, all of our goblins gain haste, so we can swing in the same turn we combo off!

Desecrated Tomb is a little bit different. It only cares when a creature leaves the graveyard. So, by comboing Teshar's ability with Squee, we are able to get 2 triggers of Desecrated Tomb for ever 1 cast cycle of the Squee loop. Only problem, these bats that we are creating won't have haste, so this is one of our slowest win conditions in the deck.

Potential Changes.

If you are in a meta with a high amount of burn, you may want to consider running Ajani's Welcome. This innocuous enchantment gains us life every time a creature we control enters the battlefield. Considering one of our strategies is to go wide with token (and not to mention our main engine is literally bringing at least 2 creatures back over and over again) we'll gain an ungodly amount of life and win the long game.

For future standard, we actually got a really good piece in Cruel Celebrant. It gives us another way to drain our opponents out for all of the sacrifice shenanigans we'll be doing. Not to mention it is only 2 mana which can lower our curve a bit. The biggest thing about this creature is that it gives us redundancy with our deck, and that is one of the most important things to have when you are trying to combo off.

All in all, its a fun deck and its a great FNM special. This deck is a pain to play on Arena, so I wouldn't recommend it there (there are just so many triggers to resolve) but when you can verbally establish your loop, it speeds up the game play much quicker. What do you guys think, what would you change? Let us know in the comments below!

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