Mono-Black Midrange - Standard

Mono-Black is back. Matt tries out a new brew on Arena.

Core 2020 brought with it a few key cards: Yarok's Fenlurker, Dread Presence, and Vilis, Broker of Blood. When I saw those cards, I knew I had to bring back mono-black. Not the aggro list that has a short time in the spotlight a little over a year back, but a fresh look with midrange value and the new spice. With Cabal Stronghold still legal for a few months, we're got plenty of reasons to go for those high-cmc payoffs.

The gamplan is simple: curve out with efficient or high-value creatures while removing our opponent's board, land an Immortal Sun or Vilis, then run away with the game from there. I don't want to type out too much, since I go over all the card selections and strategies in the video. Gameplay too! Take a look.

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