Mono-Green Stompy

If there is a future; it will be green.

Testing, and testing, and testing for MagicFest KC has given me little chance to step away from the meta recently. I have been so immersed in tuning, adjusting and play-testing that I haven't really had an opportunity to do the fun stuff lately.

As a matter of mental health I decided to step away from the competitive games and the GP grind to brew up something FUN. If you have been stay in touch with me here on LandSayGo then you know that I very much consider "winning" fun, and this deck is designed to win.

Nissa, Who Shakes the World is the hero we deserve in mono green stompy. Nissa, gives us a persistent capable threat that can affect the game and board state in multiple ways. I have only ever hit her ultimate a handful of times, but goddamn is it awesome. Every card you draw from that point on is pure gas.

This plays like, and feels like, the same green deck we have been playing with Ghalta. It is a mono colored list, and therefor less restrictive. Playing with a single color can just feel better, requires less in the way of mana resource management, and just flows a little smoother.

I highly recommend you give the video a watch, build this list, and have some fun.


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