Nexus' Fate

A new kind of Banned & Restricted Announcement.

But, I told you so. Nexus of Fate is banned in MTG Arena's Best of 1 Ladder.

Frankly, I'm surprised the banhammer didn't drive the spike through ALL OF STANDARD game play - tabletop and digital. LandSayGo has had a number of external conversations (mostly internal) about the power of this card. Beginning as soon as I saw it was being printed as the promo for M19, I looked right at DBoe in his beady little eyes and said, "this card is going to be banned." Extra turns are the penultimate aspiration of most #MTG mages. Widespread exploitation of the power should have been expected. But, like Icarus...many of you have flown too close to the sun and your wax wings are beginning to melt. You've been targeted by Plummet.

So, here we are. Nexus of Fate is banned in MTGArena. Interestingly, this also represents the first such banning in WOTC's newest digital endeavor. I'm sure it won't be the last. I did find the presentation of the ban to be both informative and measured in its due diligence. The technical limitations of the Arena platform are an entirely probable reason for the ban, although I think it more likely that Mark Rosewater got pwned by the combo on Arena, emerged from his replica of Tawnos' Coffin, and swatted Arena with his Hammer of Bogardan.

None-the-less, Arena is better off for this ban. Even if you disagree, Arena is better off for having banned this card from play. It creates a more diverse field of options, and eliminates the necessity for players to respond to the combo and tie up resources. I applaud the decision to act swiftly on WOTC's part. Well done.

What are your thoughts?


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