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Marauding Raptor makes Dinosaurs totally a thing again!

When Ixalan dropped, WOTC had promised that we'd get a fun and powerful new tribe with Dinosaurs, and they went out of their way to print some fairly interesting mechanics with some powerful synergies. The only problem? There was no real easy way for us to really make use of these creatures. Their abilities were too difficult to trigger, and their mana costs were too steep. So, in response, the community put them on the way side, and only the truest of casual players would break them out to give them a go.

Well, with Core Set 2020, we finally got the keystone piece to the entire Dinosaur strategy, Marauding Raptor. This new dinosaur gives us an easy way to trigger our deck's Enrage abilities, as well as reducing our more expensive spells to a more manageable casting cost. This Dino probably should have been printed in Core Set 2019, so that people could actually have fun with Dinosaurs before they leave standard in 3 months, but I digress.

Over the last few sets, we've found more and more pieces to fit into this Enrage deck of ours. By pairs the new Raptor with fight mechanics seen in cards like Domri's Ambush, Savage Stomp and Domri, Anarch of Bolas we found the perfect pieces for what we are trying to do.

Give this deck a try, you likely have most of the pieces, and it'll be a great budget deck for the first week when #MTGM20 releases. Be sure to check out the full break down in the video deck tech, and let us know what you think in the comments down below!

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