So, You Like Content?

Well that's good, because we are making a serious push towards regularly scheduled streams, and changing our content delivery methods.

We got together for a photo shoot a couple weekends ago - all of us wearing our LandSayGo t-shirts - understanding that putting ourselves out there for public consumption could have potentially adverse effects on our credibility and future success. It went okay...we goofed around, took pictures for article and YouTube headers and thumbnails, and talked about the potential our future could hold once we get started on a regular streaming schedule.

The truth is no one tunes in to watch us play Magic on Twitch when one of us is streaming except for the the other two of us. Okay, maybe that's not true, we have had some passers by who needed to water their horses before they hit the dusty trail again. But, overwhelmingly so, there has been a vacancy where we thought our viewership would be. In a world of immediate gratification and rabid competition among content producers we are finding our efforts lacking. Which, in all honesty, I tend to embrace as a challenge. I think solving the riddle begins with a number of questions:

- How do we get people to tune into our streams?

We feel like consistency is a mantra among the big professional streamers. From Fortnite to Super Mario Maker, the big streams are those that showcase dynamite personality and excellent game play. Well we certainly can provide the excellent game play, but we have about as much personality as a wet sock. Maybe we should all hire a life coach?

- What content is the best content? What do you want to watch?

We are not previous world champions, none of us has ever won an event that would immediately help us establish notoriety and thus garner a following of Magic players immediately. We are not attractive people - low cut shirts might do more harm than good - I don't know if we can get by on our curb appeal alone. So, we have to make it about the visual flare and the experience of the content - of the streams. I can tell you confidently, these things take time and we are working judiciously on improving the experience.

- How do we balance streaming game play, article and insights creation, podcasts, and life?

Simple, we scramble. We think it's important to be candid with you - if you are reading this article there might be a good chance you are with us for the long haul - that we have dropped some piece of content along the way that has engaged you in a meaningful way. That you like the personality or voice we bring to the Magic community. That may be we have inspired you to play better (or worse). Or you know us in real life and want us to succeed with this initiative. Whatever, the case may be - thank you.

- Streaming is going to become our primary focus.

We think we have all come to an agreement at LandSayGo - Matt, DBoe and Jeremy all believe that we should be developing video content for the Twitch and Youtube platforms. It's a culmination of a nearly a years worth of work. It has been a surprisingly slow process for all of us to get into a cadence and we are going to be doing a hard commitment to a schedule in the hopes that regular streaming will make us, and more importantly YOU, easier to engage.

- Streaming Schedule -

Monday's: Matt Streams - Drafts & Ranked Constructed Play

Tuesdays: Jeremy Streams - Ranked Constructed Play

Wednesdays: DBoe Streams - Ranked Constructed Play

Thursdays: Matt Streams - Drafts, Events, Community Submissions & LSG Deck Techs

Fridays: OFF

Saturdays: Jeremy Streams - Drafts, Events, Community Submissions & LSG Deck Techs

Sundays: DBoe Streams - Drafts, Events, Community Submissions & LSG Deck Techs

- What new developments are coming to the site?

Well, we're glad you asked. We are going to be adding a number of different pieces of functionality over time. We plan on making a deep card search across all of Magic. We would like to be able to enhance our community contributions by providing a public space for community deck submissions. We also have some interesting ideas that should give us some functionality that you might not be able to find on any other site - community driven stuff. We want to give you a reason to come back and hang out with us on a regular basis, and take LandSayGo to the next level!

Our team is committed for the long haul here. What began as a series of unsure posts on a Magic blog evolved into a podcast that is now 38 weekly episodes deep. October 8th, 2019 will mark our 1 Year Anniversary as a Magic: The Gathering content creation house. We hope that there are many more years of fun, creativity, and devotion to our craft to follow. If we can make LandSayGo a bigger part of this community it will only be because you - all of you - allow us to. We will need your help and your support.

We can't do this without you.

~The LandSayGo Team: DBoe, Jeremy and Matt

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