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Sultai Wand - Video Deck Tech

Ever since M19 dropped, I've been really enjoying many of the janky rares that came from it. One rare that caught my eye was Chaos Wand. I'll be honest, I've tried it out in several Standard decks since it released, with mixed results. Often times I used it as a sideboard option to help fight against combo and control lists, but when it first dropped, there wasn't really enough support for it to make it worth running (even though it won me games before).

The biggest addition to this card in Standard, in my opinion, is actually #MTGRNA. Ravnica Allegiance gave us the fun card Wilderness Reclamation, that allows us to untap our lands at our endstep. The biggest problem for me with Chaos Wand, is the fact that it ties up so much of our mana when we want to activate it, especially when we could hit something like an Opt, making it not necessarily worth its activation. However, when we are able to untap our lands, we can feel free to activate a Wand or 2 in between triggers as well as hold up our own instant speed interaction should we need it.

Personally, I think this is a fun way to build Chaos Wand, and it makes it much less of a decision on if you should activate it or not. And in the match ups where the Wand won't be a good fit (say against aggro), we can always sideboard it out in place of other answers.

I think Chaos Wand has a decent place in the meta at the moment, considering the majority of decks are running some sort of instant and sorcery spells in their list, not to mention a big portion of the meta is in fact control lists with great spells that we can hit. Take a look at the video deck tech, let us know what you think. Does this seem good, or am I just embracing the Chaos?


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