Temur Reclamation: The BEST DECK IN STANDARD!

I found a list circulating that a few pros had been playing in the top 100 of the Mythic ladder in MTG Arena, that I found quite interesting. This deck had been around for awhile but never reached its potential until Theros Beyond Death dropped. The deck I am talking about is Temur Reclamation. I had been interested in the deck for awhile because of the busted card, Wilderness Reclamation. Wilderness Rec was talked about being banned as soon as it was released but was only ever busted when Nexus of Fate was in the Standard format. The main issue with Temur Reclamation was that it was just too easy to lose to both aggro and midrange decks. The only way Temur colors was able to clear the board was Flame Sweep and this is not getting it done against most strategies. This all changed with Theros Beyond Death and the printing of Storm’s Wrath. Dealing four damage to every creature and planeswalker is serious business. It is not instant speed like Flame Sweep but dealing 2 extra damage to pretty much everything for one more mana is much more desirable. I believe this deck would still be a pipe dream without this card. Without further ado here is the list.

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3 Brazen Borrower

2 Nissa, Who Shakes the World

2 Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath

2 Hydroid Krassis

2 Forest

2 Island

1 Mountain

4 Breeding Pool

2 Castle Vantress

2 Fabled Passage

4 Steam Vents

4 Stomping Ground

1 Temple of Abandon

3 Temple of Epiphany

2 Temple of Mystery

4 Omen of the Sea

4 Wilderness Reclamation

4 Expansion // Explosion

4 Growth Spiral

4 Thassa's Intervention

4 Storm's Wrath


3 Aether Gust

3 Mystical Dispute

1 Negate

3 Scorching Dragonfire

This deck has a few different cards then what you normally see in the 75. The biggest change is Nissa over Gadwick. A lot of people believe that Nissa is currently the best card in Standard. It is a Mana Flare for forests and a win condition all rolled into one. Gadwick is better against aggro decks and can provide additional card draw, but I believe this deck needed another win condition and an alternative to Wilderness Reclamation. Since we are playing Nissa, that allows us to play Hydroid Krasis, which makes up for the card draw and is a better win condition that Gadwick.

As a side note I know I usually write about playing at a local games store for Friday Night Magic. I was unable to because I adopted a nine-month-old dachshund lab mix, aka Dachsador, from a local shelter. I did not feel right working a 8-5 job and then playing MTG for another five hours after work, while leaving the puppy home alone all day. I will make arrangements to play Friday Night Magic in the future but there will be viewer events that I attend because of this. Never fear MTG Arena has made it easy to battle through more games in less time than I would at a normal FNM so that is what I did this time.

Match 1- WB Discard

Right out the gate I face an under the radar deck that is all about hand disruption. I was worried about the matchup because while we do have a lot of card draw, we have very few win conditions. My opponent started out with a Davriel and after I was able to kill it, another one. I did not see any creatures in game one, so I do not know what the win condition was besides Davriel. I took game one with an exact 13 damage lethal explosion. Game two went different with a surprise Ashiok, which I believe came in because of Uro. I did see a spicy Atheros to try to deal with the Uro but those dreams were crushed with a timely Brazen Borrower which resulted in a concession. Great start with a 2-0 victory.

Match 2- Mono Red

This is probably the worst match up of the deck especially on the draw and my fears turned out to be true. My opponent got off to a lightning start and I was unable to do anything but play lands and draw cards game one. Game two which much better, mostly because Uro is a great card against aggro. They did not have an answer to it and conceded quickly. Game three I believe was decided on a misplay by me. My opponent had an Anax and I waited to Scorching Dragonfire it on attack. They were holding an Embercleave and that made the Anax out of reach and lethal damage was received because of it. I am not sure if I would have won without the mistake, but it was a pretty big mistake none the less. The match was over at 1-2 bringing the score to 1-1 overall.

Match 3- Azorius Enchantments

This was a weird match in which I am not sure what the win condition of my opponents’ deck was. In two games my opponent mostly played The Birth of Meletis and Medomai’s Prophecy. I believe they were geared to decks that win with creatures and I win with Explosion, so this was not much of a match. I quickly won 2-0 bringing it to a 2-1 record.

Match 4- Temur Elementals

When the match first started I though I was in for the mirror match but that was not the case. The first my opponent got off to a quick start with their ramp elementals, Thunderkin Awakener, and Omnath, Locus of the Roil. I find that if I do not draw Storm’s Wrath when I face these quick decks, I end of not doing much. Luckily the one to one direct answers that were boarded in along with some timely Wrath’s I was able to take the next two games. I went 2-1 this match and am now 3-1 overall.

Match 5- Mono Black Devotion