• derek

Temur Year Storm - Standard

Come join me for a walk into chaos...

I gotta tell you, I had become a bit disenfranchised with the way my local meta was starting to shape up in Standard. So, I sat down and started into a generic search on Scryfall.com for rares and mythics that haven't been seeing a lot of play recently. I often do this when I'm fishing for inspiration. Within my search, I came across our namesake card, Thousand Year Storm. I remember this card getting so much hype but about halfway through the Guilds of Ravnica season, it was pretty much removed from every deck list running it in favor of Niv-Mizzet, Parun. Well, this time I decided it was time to break them out and try to build a competitive standard deck based around Thousand Year Storm, especially since the release of Ravnica Allegiance brought some really great spice into the mix.

The Engine.

I'm going to start off the breakdown with our only 2 nonland permanents in the deck. We of course will be running Thousand Year Storm, three of them in fact. This 6 mana enchantment is our main combo engine, and it is an extremely powerful one at that. Basically, once it resolves, whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell in a turn, you copy it for each other instant and sorcery spell that you cast that turn before it, effectively giving each of your cards an ability like Storm (hence the name). This card will absoluetly terrify your opponents once it is resolved, and you can guarantee they'll burn resources trying to remove it.

The Ramp.

Now, since this card is our main engine, and it is 6 mana, we'll need to come up with a way for us to cast it a few turns early, if possible. In order to do this, we'll need to devote some of our spells to ramp. I would love to accomplish this by using cards like Grow from the Ashes or Circuitous Route, but to be honest our mana base just won't support these cards. Being that we are 3 color, we'll be running a lot of the rare dual lands that are available to us. So, if we aren't running the traditional ramp pieces, what will we be running? I personally chose to run 4 Growth Spiral and 3 Pirate's Pillage.

Growth Spiral is an instant for UG that reads, "Draw a card. You may put a land from your hand onto the battlefield." If you've been listening to The Main Phase, you probably have heard JB and I gush over this card. An instant speed Explore is an incredibly powerful effect. What I love about this spell is that it allows us to hold open mana on our opponent's end step to feign a counter and to cycle through our deck. When we have our Thousand Year Storm online, it is also especially hilarious. I've had turns where I cast 3-4 instants at the end of my opponent's turn, only to follow it up with the remainder of my mana to cast a Growth Spiral, draw another 4-5 cards and drop up to 4-5 lands onto the battlefield (untapped!) in order to continue to play out my hand and combo off. This card is completely bonkers and watching my opponent's agape mouth as I'm comboing off feels great man, feels great.

As far as Pirate's Pillage is concerned, this card isn't new to a Thousand Year Storm deck. It is basically an overcosted Tormenting Voice that also gives us 2 treasure whenever we cast it, effectively making it cost the same amount as a Tormnting Voice. However, in a deck that can copy spells, we can easily find situations where we are gaining an additional 2-6+ treasures for us to ramp into a big play. Now, what's really special about this card as well is that though part of the casting cost is discarding a card, whenever we copy the spell, we are able to shirk this cost, drawing us an additional 2 cards and giving us an additional 2 treasures per copy. Being sorcery speed, we'll only run the three copies, we'd like to see this card, but most of the time we'd like to cast spell on our opponent's turn, not ours.

It is also worth a mention that casting a Growth Spiral on turn 2 into a Pirate's Pillage on turn 3 gives us a turn 4 Thousand Year Storm. Nice.

The Burn.

Playing a Thousand Year Storm deck, we are going to want to be able to protect ourselves. So, we are running an extensive burn suite that gets us a ton of value and ultimately be our win condition. We are running a pair of Shock as well as a pair of Lava Coil. We also are running a full play set of Lightning Strike in the deck. All 3 of these spells are going to help us handle the majority of our opponent's creatures and can combo with our Thousand Year Storm to wipe the board, or in the example of Shock or Lightning Strike, can twenty our opponent easy with a good chain of spells.

We are also running 3 of Expansion//Explosion. Explosion allows us for some late game craziness as we ramp and ramp, allowing us at instant speed to then deal 4+ damage to the face or kill an opponent's creature while also drawing as many cards, refilling our grip. Not to mention, Expansion acts as our counterspell game one against control decks, as we can cast it to copy your opponent's counterspells, but can also be used to copy our opponent's other spells like Assassin's Trophy or Chart a Course. In fact, we can even use it to copy our own spells, and in addition to a Thousand Year Storm can make for some really absurd turns.

Lastly, in our burn package, we are also running 3 Electrodominance. This card is absolutely busted. The worst part about playing a Thousand Year Storm deck is the fact that we play it, and so long as it isn't countered, gives our opponent a full turn to deal with it. Well, with Electrodominance, that whole scenario can be mitigated. For XRR we get an instant that will deal X damage to any one target. Additionally, we can cast a spell from our hand that is converted mana cost X or less without playing its mana cost. What's so insane about this for our deck is that we can play this on our opponent's endstep X=6 and then play a Thousand Year Storm, completely circumventing any timing restrictions allowing us to untap with our mana and go off on our turn. Electrodominance completely changes the game for our win condition. Nolt to mention, if you have a Storm down, you can even have turns like this where you, say Shock your opponent, cast Electrodominance X=2, hold priority and cast Expansion copying Electrodominance. You then would get 5 total copies of Electrodominance X=2, allowing us to then play up to 5 more 1 or 2 drops for free from our hand, each spell being copied an additional time as our spells resolve. Honestly, some insane turns.

The Value.

This deck actually runs quite a bit of value cards in its main list. 4 Opt found its way into the deck. This little cantrip has made waves in control decks ever since it was introduced into Standard back in Ixalan block. For U we get to scry 1 and then draw at instant speed. Really, very efficient and a nice cheap spell for us to cast. I prioritized Opt over rival cantrip Radical Idea for its in expensive cost and card selection. Radical Idea can be great, considering we can cast it from the graveyard, but from the games I've played, I really like Opt for the slot.

Instead, we are running a single Chemister's Insight in the list. This may feel weird to people that we are running only a single copy in the deck. I wanted to prioritze Pirate's Pillage as the 4 drop of choice, but still give us some instant speed draw 2 as well. Not to mention, since this card has Jump-Start we do have the option to cast it from the graveyard if we fizzle with a Thousand Year Storm on the battlefield. It fits really nicely, and I'm sure every one can agree on the power this card holds.

In order to get even more value out of our graveyard, we are also running a pair of Mission Briefing. I have been on the hype train for this card for a long time, and I think it has a lot of playability in non rotation fo