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Testing DreadScape Combo - Stream Recap

Ever since I saw Dread Presence, I've loved everything about it. Its not outrageously expensive, it can provide card advantage, and it can kill things while gaining you life; all with the measly investment of getting a swamp onto the battlefield. So, I wanted to see how I could break it. I ended up deciding that Scapeshift would be the perfect combo card with the list. I was right.

Not only do I get combo turns where I kill my opponent with a resolved Scapeshift, but I also was even able to use Scapeshift as a miniature board wipe, removing opponent's creatures and planeswalkers while gaining life in the process. The combo is very impressive, truly!

I did end up tweaking the deck half-way through, which definitely made it more consistent. I ended up swapping my main deck Pulse of Murasa for Elvish Reclaimer instead. HUGE difference that makes. Reclaimer works exceptionally well in the list, with hidden synergies with our Dread's Presence, getting swamps onto the battlefield to either draw cards or kill a creature or planeswalker (or draining our opponent for 2).

I do a breakdown of the deck in the video, with a pre/post review, but it isn't perfect yet. I do plan to revisit it soon, while it is fresh in my mind. Stay tuned for that!

So, let me know: What would you do differently with the list? Let me know in the comment section below!

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