The Kitchen Table 1.01

"Roll for Priority?"

Can you name a deck you love? Can you describe a deck that you've played, that maybe you still even have built, that you may never deconstruct, just in case a kitchen table presents itself that requires your artistry? I can. My favorite personal brew of all-time is a freaking sweet deck I call The Free Energy Machine.

This deck will never be taken apart. If I need cards for another deck that contains elements of this deck, I will simply go without - or purchase more copies. This deck is not tier one, as you can clearly see THIS DECK is tier zero (0).

There is nothing better than playing a deck that puts the magic in Magic: The Gathering. Any hand you draw is keepable and playable - any hand you open with Tolarian Academy guarantees a deep run. It's common to Turn 1 play: Tolarian Academy, Memnite, Shield Sphere, Ornithopter, Tooth or Scale of Chiss-Goria, a Bauble, and a Frogmite, and Say Go, all without tapping your Academy.

By the time you have enough artifacts online, and hit a Platinum Angel, you've got a soft lock with Welding Jar. Once the Mycosynth Golem gives all spells affinity, and you drop a Darksteel Colossus, should suffice to say that your opponents are commonly in total disbelief that you are doing what you are doing.

This is my favorite personal brew of all time. Near and dear to my heart.

Along time ago, in a multiverse far far away, my friends and I sat down to some games of Magic. Games of Magic unfettered by the constraints of formats, rules, rounds, and time limits. This exact scenario still occurs from time to time...but perhaps, not nearly often enough. My dudes play Commander; Gus, David, DBoe, Sean, Mars, all EDH players. Most of them showing up the freshly felted table on our bi-annual game nights with hardware storage carry-alls, metal briefcases, or ammo boxes converted into deck containers. It's a serious affair. Bragging rights are on the line - especially when the Planechase Anthology hits the middle of the table.

A kick-ass "Game Night," all in one box!

During these magnanimous events I always build a 100-card deck. The last few times I sat down to join these elites in a Commander face-off, I built 5-Color Planeswalkers with Progenitus at the helm, and won. There's just something about 37 Planeswalkers, powerful support spells, and a well-built ancient powerful mana base that tends to win games. Can you say,"Deepglow Skate?" Everyone loved it. I've taken mono-blue Baral; which is basically a deck that turtles, steals creatures, and counters spells until I can cast one of seven Polymorph style cards targeting Baral and flip cards until I find Emrakul. This deck wins 1v1 EDH games so handily that it has been indirectly outlawed in play group - I need only mention "mono-blue Baral" during a Commander session and the groans and bellyaching says it all. Of course, my shenanigans pale in comparison to some of the decks Gus and DBoe build. Both of those guys always end up playing Magic solitaire. Seriously, I've lit the grill, prepped the burgers and brats, cooked them to perfection, and eaten a couple in the time it takes DBoe finish his turn.

Reminiscing aside, I didn't begin writing this article with Commander in mind, but rather, the idea that it is at these times, at the kitchen table (a purpose-built 8 seat felted card table) that I am happiest playing the game. Maybe it's the pizza, maybe it's the sodas? The laughs we share, or the supplementary Smash Brothers when you have been eliminated and are waiting for the next game? All I know, is that the Kitchen Table is the real proving grounds. It's a place where, no matter what deck you construct, you can find a challenge in your compatriots who share the same passion for the game. I prefer 60-card constructed Magic - no ban list. I'd rather you go infinite turn one. I love wacky combos, and board locks. I feel like these personal gatherings are the only time I can take my treasures out of the vault. It's a trusted group, and I know that while appreciated and maybe even coveted, none of my expensive cards will find their way into someone else's binders. I hope you have the same Safe Haven.

I have hundreds of deck lists I've saved over the years. Every year or so I zip up my text files and email them to myself. I think what you are witnessing here with me is the beginning of a periodic, perhaps monthly article, where Derek and I share with you a deck list we have played at our Kitchen Table. The primary focus of LandSayGo will remain the Standard format, but #MTG is so much more to so many people. It would only be appropriate to also highlight the primary purpose of sitting down to play the game - FUN.

The LSG deck list submission form can be found at the bottom of the home page here at I encourage all of you to drop a list in the box, especially if it's an awesome Kitchen Table brew. You may find it showcased, reviewed, and field-tested right here one day.

Until next time, stay tuned for episode 106 of The Main Phase this week. Follow us on socials, join the site, and check back Wednesday and Friday each week for brand new hotness and brews in Standard.

J.B. out!

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