The Main Phase Ep 113 Now Released!

The Main Phase Ep. 113, "Undefeated Gates Home Brew & Duo Standard?" has been released today! Go check it out here or anywhere you currently get your podcasts!

This week on The Main Phase, Jeremy and Derek break down Jeremy's Undefeated 4-Color Gates home brew. They take a look at the list, analyze the strategy behind playing it and how to play against it as well as look at some key plays that have occurred while playing the list.

Wizards of the Coast also announced a new Esports format for the Mythic Invitational, 2019's million dollar cash prizes exhibition event, called Duo Standard. This is a weird and new frontier for Magic: the Gathering. Does it spell guaranteed changes for the future? If it does spell change for the future, should the game really change this drastically? Or are Derek and Jeremy just stuck in their hyperbolic echo chamber? Join us this week and find out!

Let us know how we are doing! Drop a comment below!

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