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Video Deck Tech: Revenge of the Manse

Ladies and gentlemen, do I have a list for you today!

Ever since Rampage of the Clans was first announced back in Ravnica, I knew...just KNEW that I could break it. And then Dance of the Manse was released, and I think its now time to showcase this awesome deck.

We've tried breaking Rampage of the Clans once before, but we couldn't seem to get it right. Luckily for us, we now have very cheap artifacts that act as removal or draw us cards on ETB. We also have artifact producers like the Golden Goose and ...yes... Oko, Thief of Crowns (please don't hate me). You basically are wanting to create a ton of value with your your artifacts and producers, then instantly create an army of 3/3s either blowing out your opponent or swinging out lethal.

Dance of the Manse gives us the ability to go again by bringing back our artifacts from the yard, or by bringing them back as 4/4 creatures. We are able to create crazy armies with our lists and its fantastic!

Oko getting too expensive for you?

No problem! There are a few other options you can run in his place. They aren't as good, but at least give you options.

Option 1: Saheeli, Sublime Artificer

Saheeli is a great option to replace Oko. She's the same mana cost and can create an army of 1/1 artifacts all on her own whenever we play our spells, and they only get bigger when we blow them all up and replace them as 3/3s. She does have some other benefits too, like being able to turn an artifact into a different one, or a copy of a creature we control until end of turn. So if we need to gain life, we can -2 her and make any of our artifacts into a Golden Egg and gain upwards of 6-9 life over the course of her life cycle. The only real downside to Saheeli, is the lack of removal that Oko has. But I think she is a strong consideration.

Option 2: Giant Opportunity

Giant Opportunity gives us a unique option to replace Oko in this list. The main reason we play Oko is to create an stockpile of Food tokens. Well, Giant Opportunity can do the same thing! For 3 mana, we can create 3 food tokens. If we find we need a big beater right then and there for attacks or blocks, we could also instead sacrifice 2 food tokens to create a 7/7 giant! I do like Giant Opportunity as a good consideration over Oko considering it can give you an instant 3 artifact tokens, which can either gain you life or become 3/3s on a resolved Rampage of the Clans. Obviously, Oko is still the more powerful card, but I think we could make something like this work too.

Well, that's the list. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have, I really do think this list has legs to stand on. I've beaten more meta Oko lists, I've beaten Golos Fields lists (before the banning) and it stacks up wonderfully against Stax and aggro lists. Let me know how you guys do if you take it for a spin, and if you make any changes or have any suggestions, be sure to post it in the comments below.


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